My Certifications

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Welcome to my digital hub! Here, I proudly showcase my journey of continuous learning and professional growth through a collection of certifications from esteemed universities and reputable platforms. Embarking on the foundational path, I’ve acquired certifications in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, setting the groundwork for my ventures into the digital sphere. My quest for understanding the cutting edge led me to delve into the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) with certifications in Introduction to Gen AI, Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs), and Introduction to Responsible AI. Specialized courses in AI’s application in marketing and content creation further fortified my expertise in leveraging technology for strategic advantage. As a testament to my commitment to innovation, I’ve honed my skills in prompt engineering for ChatGPT, enabling seamless integration of AI in communication channels. Additionally, I’ve mastered the art of web development using WordPress and crafted visually captivating online course materials with Canva. Stay tuned as I continue to pursue additional certifications, ensuring I stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The following are the certificates which I got from different Universities and Platforms:

  • Foundations of Digital marketing and E-Commerce
  • Introduction to gen AI
  • Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Introduction to Responsible AI
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing
  • Leveraging AI for Enhanced Content Creation
  • Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT
  • Design Online Course Printables using Canva
  • Audience Demographics with Facebook audience insights
  • Create a website using WordPress.
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